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• The Appearance of the Brewery
o Underneath the bottle & grape sign hanging outside of the Gallina Winery is a smaller sign that reads, “Stormwind Brewing Company”. It appears Renato Gallina has allowed a small brewing company to use his winery as a brewery.

• Noticing the New Beers
o As the bartender serves you your drink, you notice new casks in the standard keg line-up. Branded on the new kegs is, “Stormwind Brewing Company” and some small text stating the beer style. The patron next to you sees you inspecting the newer kegs, and claims the Shady Lady has had this new brewery’s beer for quite some time now. He has seen the kegs transported from the brewery at the Gallina Winery to the Shady Lady.

• Help Wanted Signs
o Throughout the Trade District, and the Canals are help wanted signs from the Stormwind Brewing Company. The signs inquire for bartenders, brewers, and bouncers. The contact information lists Brewmaster Seosef Valk, and the brewery’s location at the Gallina Winery.

• For Those Involved in a Criminal Network
o It is rumored that the contractor, Seosef Valk has begun a brewing company in Stormwind City. The rumors don’t go as far as stating whether he left the contracting business or not, and the topic is certainly under speculation.

IC: The guild is separated into two sides: the brewery front, and the covert criminal underground. The brewery side is fully functional, and the criminal side is mostly contract-based. Contracts can, and will include anything from intimidation, and extortion, to hired blades, and assassinations.

The Brewery Side- After being coerced, Renato Gallina allowed the Stormwind Brewing Company to start brewing operations out of his winery. While the recipes are original, and the product is outstanding, Seosef reached out to the owner of the Shady Lady, Quincy Cutler, to spread his brews into the major taverns in Stormwind quickly. Once the brewing company was entrenched in the taverns, Seosef made contracts with each owner, allowing him to send his staff to the taverns to sell, and serve his brews. A caveat written into the contracts states that he is allowed to provide security for his staff when they work in the taverns.

The Criminal Side- Distraught with the death of King Varian Wrynn, Seosef dropped his relations with the Kingdom, and took to contracting to provide gold. Contracting was easy in the Broken Isles with the lawless nature of the islands. However, Seosef wanted to return to Stormwind City, and knew that his contracting wouldn’t be tolerated in the city; he needed a front to hide his operations. Utilizing his past love for brewing, Seosef created the Stormwind Brewing Company to cover his criminal activity.

OOC: The main focus for the guild will be RP, but we will be taking part in WPvP, and standard PvP. PvE will be member-driven. We will be networking with other guilds for RP storylines. My vision for the guild is to be tight-knit, and very drama-free.

RP Base: Brewery: Gallina’s Winery, Stormwind City
Contracting HQ: Cut-Throat Alley, Stormwind City

Member Req’s: The initial group of officers will be inducted by OOC measures, all other members will be subject to both an IC, and OOC interview.
1. TRP 3 & Extended
2. Super basic understanding of beer
3. Be a fair, and respectful person OOC, and be a fair RPer IC

Guild Mount: For everything IC, and guild-related, the mount must be realistic for the character.

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